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Picket fence materials

We at Picket Fence Guys distribute quality picket fence materials to residents and contractors that want to install picket fence in their homes or property. If you are a contractor or a home owner who is looking for reliable picket fence material distributers to deliver bulk orders, Picket Fence Guys is the best choice for you. Our trained and experienced drivers will deliver your order for picket fence material at the agreed destination on time. The best part is that you do not have to pay us prior to delivering the materials. You can pay after the materials have been delivered and you are fine with the quality. Call us on 844-244-0522 for picket fence material delivery services.


Picket fence installation

We offer affordable picket fence installation for both commercial and residential purposes. Our picket installation services are carried out by trained and certified fence builders who have been in the industry for a long time. They are therefore savvy on what is needed to have a strong, low maintenance and strong picket fence that will not only offer you the privacy and security that you need but will also make your home look good.


Picket fence repair and renovation

For home owners who already have picket fence installed in their homes, Picket Fence Guys can help you repair and renovate the fence to make it stronger and rigid. No matter how strong and rigid a fence is when it is first installed, if proper care and maintenance is not given the fence will become loose and frail with time. This is where Picket Fence Guys come in to help you regain the strength and rigidity of your picket fence. When you call us on 844-244-0522, we will advice you on the best thing to do about your fence and schedule an appropriate date and time that is best for you for us to renovate or repair the fence.

Let us help you today, 844-244-0522.

On the day of installing the fence or providing repair and renovation services, our experts will come with all the needed tools and materials. Our drivers will safely drive to your premises and carefully park the truck carrying the material and tools needed to carry out the services. Our fence builders and repair team will then get started with the work and effectively and professionally install or repair the picket fence.

Steps we use to provide our clients our services:

Contact us

Contacting us is always the first step to getting started with our services. It is through contacting us that we can be able to know what your needs and requirements are for a picket fence. When you call us we will also give you a quote for the services and also schedule an appropriate date for provision of the services.

Field study

Prior to the day of the fence installation or repair, Picket Fence Guys experts will visit your premises so as to take the necessary measurements to help us determine the amount of material needs to successfully complete the project.

Fence installation or repair

On the day of fence installation or repair, our staff will successful complete the service and leave your premises looking clean and neat.

Picket Fence Guys can be contacted on 844-244-0522.

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